The problem is, since you are great at what you do and not at online marketing (That's a marketing specialist's job, right?) you may find it difficult to establish or maintain your online presence. That's  where we come in!

We at are familiar with the online presence process and would like to give you a few tips and tricks for establishing and maintaining your own presence on the world wide web. For your benefit, we've provided this free helpful advice on how you can take your marketing efforts one step further with the help of your personal website, as well as various social media networks.


1. Know Your Goals

Ask yourself, what are you hoping to achieve by establishing your online presence? Clearly, increased sales or donations is a main objective, but perhaps you want to generate further interest in your business or cause for other reasons. Have this goal in mind when considering what content should be regularly posted on your website or social media networks.

2. Establish An Online HQ (Main Website)

Just as you direct clients, customers, and donors to the physical address of your main location, you should also direct web surfers to your business location online (Online HQ). For most entities, this means having a main website. This will work as a main store and informational hub of all things pertaining to your cause. IMPORTANT: Be sure your main website is retrievable from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Most people navigate the world wide web with search engines. For more information on this process, read about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

3. Establish social media networks

From your hub (Online HQ), you can connect various news and social media outlets (The spokes!) that help distribute knowledge about...well ... whatever it is that you do! Some of these outlets should include some of the more popular networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and/or Linkdin. By connecting social media networks to your hub, you can efficiently make simultaneous posts to your website and social networks, thereby making updates easier for you while generating more potential customers and clients.

4. Provide Fresh Content

Once your hub and spokes are in place, keep in mind that the best way to maintain or generate interest in your cause is to keep your audience entertained. Try to provide your online outlets with frequent, fresh and relevant information. The idea is to use your content as bait for customers and clients, leading and alluring them to your main website. This concept it very similar to how you might create a fun ad for a billboard that attracts people your physical HQ.

5. Be Seen – Spread the word!

Although we have entered the digital age where more and more business transactions are preformed online, having a physical social presence is still important. Add your online HQ and social media outlets to business cards and stationary to generate more traffic after your social interactions.

6. Track and Tweak

One of the best characteristics of an online presence is the ease at which you can gather data on who, how many, and what kind of attention you are receiving. Many websites are designed to report statistics that can be helpful when trying to figure out if you are succeeding at reaching your target market. Take the time to review the statistics of your site, make note of the changes in traffic, and adjust your strategy accordingly.












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